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SERIES DATES: January 27 - March 17, 2021

TIME: Wednesdays, 12-1:30PM EST

PRICE: $20 per class or $120 for the series*

A deep dive into the felt experience of the body, this eight-part series is for dancers, movers, choreographers, somatic explorers, and for anyone interested in dance making as a creative practice or a source of well-being. Experiencing the infinite creative possibilities that can be generated from the inside out, participants will tap into their own unique movement vocabularies, methodologies, and internal rhythms. Each class will consist of guided movement meditation, improvisation, and reflection.

Over these eight weeks we will explore themes including:
JAN 27 — 1. The Body as Fluid-Filled Membrane, form from flow, the primordial experience
FEB 03  — 2. The Surface of the Body as a Place of Contact — spatial patterns and gesture
FEB 10  — 3. The Body as a Membrane Bathed in Fluid — the substance of space
FEB 17  — 4. Inner Flow — membrane as stillness, fluid as motion
FEB 24  — 5. Temporal Patterns — the somatic essence of waves
MAR 03 — 6. Navel Radiation — navel as center, limbs as radii
MAR 10 — 7. Condensing/Expanding — dynamic shifts, textures, and densities
MAR 17 — 8. Core and Periphery — curiosity, desire, fantasy, reach


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