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Skidmore College, 2014

Tal Halevi is a somatic movement educator based in New York City. Drawing upon Body-Mind Centering, CoreEnergetics, and meditation, she explores the evolution of movement patterns as source for choreographic invention, personal insight, and transformational experience.


"One Fluid, One Membrane: Dance as Somatic Exploration"

Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas. (2017)

“Movement Meditations”

Nancy Meehan Studio, New York (2017)

“Ready. Set. Go. The Integration of Orientation, Intention, and Action”

Concordia University, Montreal, Canada  (2016)

“Depth and Surface: Membrane as Mediator”

Kask School of Arts, Ghent, Belgium  (2015)

“Depth and Surface: Beyond the Divide”

Skidmore College, New York (2014)

“Relating to Gravity: Grounding Emotional Life in Physical Truth"”

Core Energetics Institute, New York (2013)

“The Evolution of Flow: Awareness and the Psycho-Physical Unity of Movement”

Core Energetics Institute, New York, (2012)

“Reflexes and Emotion”

Core Energetics Institute, New York (2011)

Inside Skins: Moving from the Diaphragms

Keystone Studion, New York, (2010)

“Dancing From the Soft Spine”

Keystone Studio, New York (2009)

“Developmental Movement”

Nancy Meehan Studio, New York (2009-2000)

“Skeletal Pathways to Dance”

Movement Research, New York (1997-1996)

Concordia University, Montreal, 2016


"The Anatomy of Risk, Currents, Winter 2013

"The Forms Things Take: Dance as Somatic Exploration, Currents, Spring 2017

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